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The Way Back to Yourself

At Magnetic North Healing, LLC, your wellness is paramount. The world we live in was not meant to be easy, but by no means does that infer that tranquility should be sacrificed in the name of stress. Together, we can get you started on the way to a more peaceful state in mind, body, and spirit.

Current Services offered:

Reiki: $50 for a 40 minute distant session - price includes a 10 minute tarot reading.

Tarot card reading: $30 for a 30 minute reading. 

*Longer sessions and readings are available - inquire for pricing*

New Service: Psychometry - send an email or message me on the facebook page to find out more! 

Call or text 860-655-1733 for an appointment with a Reiki Master and tarot reader!

You can also message me on Facebook @MagneticNorthHealingLLC and email me at to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions.

Peaks Above Clouds

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”



  • Reiki is a healing technique which originated in Japan, and serves as a direct connection to the whole. While the pracitioner holds his/ her hands over the client, the very energy that makes the universe hum finds its way to both parties. The result is a transmition of life frequency tuned to the client - a love letter from the stars in the form of passing energy between two human beings. After a session, the client will feel a sensation of peace. Lowered stress and renewed energy will follow in the days to come.                                                                       *$50 for a 40 minute distant session - price includes a 10 minute tarot reading*

  • Tarot card readings are used as an intuitive guide to help the client move through everyday life with greater confidence. By presenting an unbiased look into past, present, and future possiblities, the power behind the tarot presents a new way to interpret every hand that life deals.                                                                                        *$30 for a 30 minute reading*


Be sure to ask about my new service - psychometry - via email or facebook message!

Mountain Sunset


My primary motivation is to help you achieve a greater tranquillity in life by reducing your stress and helping you maintain a greater sense of peace in your life. Please contact me through email with any questions, and call or text to schedule a Reiki session, which is $50 for a 40 minute distant session and comes with a free 10 minute tarot card reading. Also, book a 30 minute tarot reading for $30. Please like my page on Facebook and message me there as well @magneticnorthhealingllc. Just click the link below or in the top right corner of the webpage!

860-655-1733 (Text Friendly)

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